Sunday, March 9, 2008


In the beginning there were Ghosts. And the Ghosts were glorious and desirable. And yet the artist was poor and unable to acquire them. So she lamented, and then she schemed, and then she created MacRatGhosts.

What is Ghosts?

Ghosts is the newest album released by Nine Inch Nails.
It is creativity allowed to run free, unhindered, pure and improvisational. It is available in four formats: a free download of the first five tracks; a $5 internet download; a $10 two cd-set; and a $75 Deluxe Edition complete with audio, multi-tracks, slideshow and beautiful photo book.

The Deluxe Edition calls out to me. I must have it. Alas, I'm a poor art student, so $75 is not something I can readily spend at the moment. But I'm not about to let that get in my way.

The beautiful, wonderful thing about this album is the vagueness of it. No titles or lyrics to get in your way. You are left to your own interpretation. And I've found it very conductive to artwork. The music made me want to create. So I got to thinking. What if I used such creativity to my advantage?

MacRatGhosts was born.

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